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Thermal Conductance Calculator

Thermal conductivity (W/m•K) is an independent intrinsic property to a material and does not change with dimension, shape or orientation and describes heat transfer through internal conduction. For materials which are non-homogenous or anisotropic are described with a more real world dependent term as Thermal Conduction (W/m²K).

The thermal conductance is defined as the amount of energy passing through a material per unit area per unit time where its opposite faces are subjected to a temperature difference of 1 K. Its reciprocal is called thermal resistance, which is used in heat flow meter measurements and determining the R-value of insulation materials.

Thermal Conductance:

k = Thermal Conductivity (W/m•K)
L = Thickness (m)
C = Thermal Conductance (W/m²K)

To calculate the thermal conductance, enter the thermal conductivity of your sample or select a similar material from the database. After entering sample thickness, the thermal conductance is calculated.
k = Thermal Conductivity W/m•K
Sample Thickness
C = Thermal Conductance W/m2K


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